The Wensley is situated in a secluded pocket of The Surf Coast Hinterland called Wensleydale. There is lots to do both on the property and surrounding countryside.

Slow down. Sit and eat and drink by the fire. Go for a walk to one of our dams, collect some firewood or jump the back fence into the state forest and walk on the old dirt bike riding tracks.  


Have an outdoor shower or bath - take a lantern from above the entry cubby holes to light your way. Check the pigeon holes near the stairs for books, Boule, Klopp and other board games you can play.


Or simply read a book and sleep. This house is so quiet and you will sleep like a log!

Please click here to see our local recommendations for where to eat & drink, and here for what to see & do (walk, swim & horseride etc). If you're interested in local gourmet supplies we've put a list together for you here. 




We also offer a selection of additional services to take your stay to the next level of luxury. These need to be organised in advance.


• Chef 

• Massage

• Babysitting / Nanny services 

• Yoga

• Housekeeping 

• Onsite Personal training



The Wensley is available for Creative Retreat stays. Creatives or artists may enjoy a short stay in exchange for a ‘creative credit’, such as an artwork, photography or a service of creativity. 

To apply for the Creative Retreat please contact